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Members access to the space is controlled via a hacked together collection of electronics we've called doorbot.

Basic structure



When a member wants to unlock the door they click on the `Unlock Door` link in hackhub. The hub then creates an unlock command consisting of their username and the current time. This is then signed with GPG and POSTed to the webserver on the doorbot PC in the lab.

If the signature is verified and the time is correct (±30 seconds) doorbot sends the unlock command to the arduino, which puts the unlock pin high for 10 seconds.


doorbot is a hacked together mess that only just works well enough to let us get into the space (most of the time...). There is much to do to improve it.

  • Connect to hackerdeenbot to announce when someone opens the door.
  • Move to a smaller machine (there were plans to use a beaglebone black till it stopped working) that can be installed in the roof. This might not be feasible anymore as doorbot has developed some other functions.